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Website Solution Features

All of our website solutions offer the following features plus much more.  Once you begin using our product, the repetitive task of contacting your web designer every time you want to make a change, and patiently waiting for that update is OVER! Incredibly Easy Website Management built just for you.

Public Sections

Home Page: The latest programming technology and quality themes keep your visitors interested in every visit with eye-catching home pages that can be updated quickly and easily anytime you want.

Community Interaction: A section of links and pages designed for displaying information for your community and new customers.

Content Management: Each website includes a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) HTML editor so that you can easily keep your pages updated as often as you desire. If you can type in Word, you can edit your web page. Having full control and requiring no programming experience, you get to decide who has access to update content on your site.

Guestbook: Gain feedback from the community with this easily managed collection of visitor posts (or comments).
Community Events: Interaction with the community is a key to success, and with our public events calendar you can make sure they are involved.  Visitors to your site can even download a copy of the calendar for use in Outlook.

Members Area Sections

Member Profiles: Each internal member has their own profile with details about themselves that is viewable to all other members. Each member also has their own Blog for posting about their experiences, as well as their own contact form, which allows other members to e-mail them without having to share their personal e-mail address if they prefer. 

Internal Only Online Calendar: An internal secure calendar used for scheduling, events, meetings or anything else you desire.

Discussion Forums and Personal Blogs: Forums and blogs are a way to help keep your inernal members interacting with each other even at times when they may not see each other for weeks on end.

Documents and Meeting Minutes: We make it easy by allowing you to upload all your documents on to the site and arrange them in any manner you wish.

Customizable:  With the click of a button you can change the look and feel of your website in seconds by selecting from the wide array of themes available that vary the layout and color scheme of your site.