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Incredibly Easy Website Management

Jelifish Technologies was established with the goal of helping small to medium sized organizations build and easily manage their websites at a lower cost with a configurable templated approach. We enjoy working with individuals who are just starting a new business, as well as those who have been in business for a while. The diversity helps keep our designs fresh and interesting.


Jelifish Technologies takes great pride in helping run a dynamic business just like yours. And we understand that creating a website -- while a major project -- is just one of your many priorities. That said, we're committed to setting appointments around your schedule and setting firm deadlines. We're always here to talk with you about your site, and you'll never have to navigate through an automated telephone menu.

Our Strategy

First impressions are made in the blink of an eye. In today's technology-centered world, your website is very often the first impression of your business and your connection with the community; it must capture the user's attention instantly.

Using the latest technology, we have designed a cutting-edge website application that is efficient, innovative and distinctive to your business. Your website is easily customizable by you according to your business vision and goals, and will help to create a strong branding message by allowing you to tie the look and feel together with your corporate logo and other marketing materials. The objective is to create a lasting impression that will maximize your impact on the online world.

We took a slightly different approach then most web development companies. We listened and designed the application based on your needs and not our ideas. Our approach for building Firehouse CMS (as was the approach for Smallbiz CMS and Homeowner CMS) was as follows:


1. Meet with department and EMS members to talk about what they need for a web site as well as their wishlist items.

2. We documented these requirements, built a prototype, and then went over both of these with various members from different departments

3. Only after all this did we start building the application

4. The final step was to run the application through quality assurance; this was accomplished using testers that took no part in building the application in order to ensure a full blind validation. Website templates by Jelifish Technologies bring together customization and affordability so that your business can still reap the benefits of custom website design without breaking your budget.


Most importantly, we treat our clients with the utmost respect and promise to deliver the best product possible.


We offer three different website solutions to make your life easier.  Click on one below for more details.